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Transformative Change

Boys too lose the chance to go to school due to sibling care.Deba was 13 when he and all his siblings were able to begin our literacy program .

Pooja has been a mother to all her 3 siblings as both parents work a 10 hour shift- 2 were mainstreamed by us in 2010 . Pooja is slowly gaining basic literacy and little Manasi accompanies her everyday.

Early intervention in health and pre-school is a huge need for poverty stricken children who suffer severe and multiple deficits of health ,hygiene ,safety, parenting and nurturing. It can bring about forceful and long lasting change by laying a strong foundation of school readiness,personality development and nutrition support.

Equally important for us at Vatsal Chaya is to address is a sad and ubiquitous problem of Indian girls from low income families. They are victims of hidden child labor and are burdened with sibling care and all domestic chores.Even if we manage to counsel parents/guardians and make them see the benefit of literacy,  and  send them to school for even 2 hours it is not possible without arranging for the small siblings.

This is why from the very inception of Vatsal Chaya -when it was just a classroom under a tree in the green verge of the Sector 8 Traffic Lights-we provide complete care of the small siblings.

In fact we are the only agency ,including government,non profit and corporate to provide such a facility and supportive framework for  girls who are out of the school system due to gender bias.

It is also one of the reasons why our numbers grew over ten-fold in just 3 years from 2008-2011 and are still growing. It is a very emphatic focus on mitigating the particular blockages and conditions to school access and retention. Millions of Indian children fail to benefit from the Right To Education Programs because a one size fits all approach is used. The context of the deprived child  and ameliorating that contextual problem

Girls who have to care for siblings.Here is a group where all the children wer out of school and now come on our bus and get age appropriate training.

is what we seek to do . Here are some of the happy girl students and their siblings