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Self Confidence through Karate–transformative change in Girls

Sharing = More Happiness…Vivek High Students share Vatsal Chaya Christmas Celebrations and help organise races,enact a puppet show and sing carols!

Putul’s Journey….

Putul is a child we are not able to fully help in terms of what she really needs…but in terms of where she was when we first found her ,it is a good distance we have travelled together.She is more enabled and poised ,better fed ,clothed in both body and mind and comes to school more regularly.Her singing has improved as has her violent attacks on other children.She hasa nervous affliction of shaking her hands rhthymically and rocking back and forth.She shouts less because someone is always nearby to listen to her. But despite writing to the authorities who can help her  more specifically ,for over a year nobody has come to include in special education classes ,help us to help her better with a braille teacher.


That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling..Woollen caps complete the winter gift for all Vatsal Chaya Children

Christmas Fun!!

gils presenting Punjabi dance!!
Santa confers..about the races!!

Christmas Celebrations –songs,dance,fun and games

neck ties
old magazine pages =Christmas Tree!

Christmas comes at the end of the December session,school is about to close for the winter break,so its to hit a high note of affection,warmth and sharing. Children planned fpr a month with Christmas trees in different materials

teddy bears,bottlecaps,marigolds …all types of Christmas trees!!

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Safeguarding children’s health is the duty of the family,the community and the state. Vatsal Chaya has been holding health camps  more frequently since July 2012  as a supportive facility to children as well as siblings and mothers.

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