The open school at Traffic Lights Sector 8 –seasonal revival

This is the same spot from where Vatsal Chaya began its journey with 12 children who tapped on paasing car windows and begged for money–an ubiquitous sight in all our towns and cities. Mnay of those are still with us ,safely in school and crafting a better life,some have gone back,and now new ones have appeared .Every year a couple of months before Diwali child begging is renewed  vigor and with fresh influx from poorer regions. the open classroom is revived whenever there are street children who need a transitional support in the form of non formal teaching ,creating a classroom experience in their familiar  environs.


after the basic numeracy lessons ,simple home cooked food follows ,it is an important part of the daily activity,vital nutrition and quality bonding time.Conversation reveals the family problems of each and the personality of each child emerges slowly.They drop the garb of practised child beggars only after a while.What helps us is that a few of them have known the old class or heard about it .