Skilling&Capacity Building of URBAN POOR ..the best way out of poverty and deprivation..

its a whole new feeling .. to have your creation liked and bought and you earn for the first time!!

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As mentioned elsewhere in our vison and mission targeting gender inequality is a strong and central aim for us. The entrenched ,deep rooted opposition to educating girls, the deliberate marginalisation within the family has led to a deep chasm of ignorance,superstiiton,disempowered mindsets and low self esteem. The severity of deprivation and poverty in the women and children  we work with is closely tied to these with the constant factor of  illiteracy and absence of skills.  . Low wages through menial jobs in the informal sector keep them shackled to a daily struggle to survive, they remain below the poverty line and even a small illness or crisis can derail the entire family. Children are then forced to work and add to the family resources and school is not an option anymore.

Skill training and practical knowledge  is  an integral part of our enabling programs.

We effectively  try to encompass the deficits of the  mother and child in 3 areas– education,health and skill training . Though we cannot ensure removal of the deficits  we do succeed in reducing them. The major thrust is on gender in the skilling program since within the vast numbers of unskilled urban unemployed the ratio of unskilled women is much bigger than the males and adds to the deep seated gender burden. Skilling a woman delivers the happy bonus of not just better wages but an improved status within the family and a big step forward in her personal growth.

The women and teens gain in confidence and self respect when they are encouraged to participate in their way out of poverty not just become passive recipients of charity.

The mothers and older siblings are counselled and motivated to join short term training courses and encouraged to join self help groups afterwards. As always flexible options and contextual interventions make a difference. Day Care for very young children of the women in the training center,  literacy classes in the same premises, a flexible time frame to mix and match the education and the training, counselling and motivating opposing family members , monthly health camp with free  medication and community events to create bonding.

Apprenticeship programs for a few older children have also been started together with secondary schooling. Boys ,especially over 13 are pulled out from school and pressured to earn .

We are empanelled as an authorised skill provider under the Urban Poverty Alleviation Program of the Government and have conducted 5 training programs  for women  in the Below Poverty Line category  under the SJSRY Cell in varied creative skills.

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