About Us


The Vatsal Chaya Trust works to safeguard , enable ,educate and empower deprived children, youth and women, promote inclusion of  those disadvantaged because of poverty or other deprivations.

We are a registered philanthropic trust which  is committed to helping children and women  steeped in poverty find ways to lay a foundation of education,health,livelihood skills and live a gainful life.

At the core of our program is the marginalized   child  as children who beg, pick trash, girls who face gender bias,  –such kids are at the very bottom of the poverty heap because together with severe deficits of health, habitation, nutrition, protection they face exploitation, violence, coercion and risky behavior patterns. We  provide flexible options for these children to access school and help them bridge the many gaps they have in learning, hygiene, health, nutrition, social and emotional skills. For children below school age we provide sibling care , school readiness and nutrition support .

We collaborate with the government to share school buildings ,join and augment ongoing programs  so that outcomes for children are more effective.

We  lay strong emphasis on supporting women because it helps  bring progress stability to the whole family. When women who  are ignorant, illiterate, unable to exercise their rights and dis-empowered are given skills and support they become powerful instruments of social change.

We use a combination of approaches in both our  focus groups , non formal education, drop-in center, shelter home, transit  or short stay home, livelihood skill training, counseling, self help or micro finance training and support.

We   bring nearly  650 children  comprising child beggars child laborers, child vendors, rag pickers and girls facing gender bias to school by providing free transport, clothing study related material, skill training, music, art, craft and personality development .

We have a group of over 175 women who are being taught different skills and income generational activities so that they can use micro credit and work their way in small achievable ways out of poverty and disempowerment.

There is an equal focus on  addressing  about issues relating to health, child rights,  gender and poverty.

We work in collaboration with different stakeholders including government programs and departments to bring enablement, inclusion and  empowerment of vulnerable sections of society through impactful, innovative and sustained interventions.

Optimizing implementation and creating context and issue based solutions leading to effective outcomes in terms of health, education, social protection and building social capital is our constant mission .