Our Vision


VATSAL CHAYA ——-the literal meaning is a nurturing, protective shelter

  • the name stands for awareness and gratitude of all that enables us like family, community, education, health, security
  • gives us access to opportunities to realise our goals
  • It stands for valuing these privileges and making room for  vulnerable children  and women in urgent need
  • Shifting our priorities for those who are and looking beyond our personal domain and seek to enable children who are victims of poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination and exploitation.
  • the name stands for   how we can replenish nature’s benevolence and restore compassion and kindness by  tapping into a common humanity
  • integrate social goals into everyday community life–  as a conscious consistent choice not as an occasional token  and to  build a philanthropic culture
  • to recognize that the most effective and persuasive change comes from within us as units of a community which can find its own solutions