Our Mission


The most important aim is to use the power of Education to bring change .

At the center of our work is the deprived child  and woman who is bereft of all his rights and is unable to break out of the poverty trap and access ,health ,safety ,security, education, skills and affectionate care.The most important aspect of our work is the marginalised child who is caught in a harsh world of illiteracy, poverty, violence, abuse, ill-health, malnutrition, lack of hygiene and habitation, crime, drugs and ruthless exploitation

We seek to reduce if not remove all such barriers to a life of dignity and self reliance and address the specific causes which are keeping children out of the school system.

Education is a human right. For people, it may often be the only way to escape a life of poverty; for nations, it is crucial to development and growth. . Education is often the only way a family can escape a life of poverty and achieve social advancement

Education ideally transmits values such as integrity, equality and social justice, and the sense of shared responsibility that is  the key to social cohesion and good governance. l Any literacy program should also transmit concepts of political representation, human rights, solidarity and the public good

This brings into our ambit problems related to child beggary, child labor, gender bias and poverty ,illiteracy and religious bigotry.

It also makes it  extremely important and relevant for us to strongly advocate the implementation of laws related to child rights as well as realization of child rights which are granted to each child regardless of his means,gender or class.

So the key aspects of public policy for children like  inclusive education,child protection,child health and malnutrition,gender bias ,child trafficking and child labor are of urgent siginfiance for us and we seek continuously to make the administration sensitive to child rights ,responsive to children in difficult circumstances .   We aim to bring a change in governance and seeks ways and means to create the right social environment within which public policies can be for maximum common good.

Chances of success improve significantly with the active participation of the community which brings about a sort of community ownership over the policies and projects  meant for children and  ensures better even effective outcomes and  service delivery mechanisms.

Community Outreach is a strong and integral plank of this program because we seek to enhance supportive, healthy, positive family and social structures around the children which will enhance the capacities of the community and families to participate in changing their lives especially putting children on the path of education and skills.

We cannot pluck children out and place them all in state institutions, that way we can help a few hundred at best with all the accompanying dangers of institutionalization. It is important to work within their limitations as drastic change is rarely sustained and the children or women soon fall out of the program because they cannot cope with the scale of change.  We work to create change bit by bit with every increment bringing in more confidence and more participants. This catalyzes long term transformation   and change rather than  a surface only palliative. It builds a stronger foundation of child protection, treatment of children in our social system.

We focus on strengthening community systems by enhancing the capacities of CBOs, involving people and children in their own health care and increasing the awareness of communities to generate demand for quality health services. To support the communities and families in undertaking actions at their level which can save newborn and young children’s lives.

.We seek to bridge  such children into a life of better choices  by equipping them with basic literacy, vocational and livelihood skills as well as  rehabilative measures like counselling , teaching of  emotional coping skills.

A logical corollary of our core aim is to  work with very deprived women  who being disempowered themselves live lives of  stark poverty, utter ignorance, abject dependence  and violent hopeless subjugation.Numerous children, violent drunken husbands, severe malnutrition, no skills, no literacy, no awareness of rights or entitlements. Children are forced to work by begging ,rag picking or petty crimes and the whole cycle of poverty repeats itself.

It is central to our mission to build  community and kindle the spirit of volunteerism —-

  • Connecting people, raising awareness and harnessing time, talent, energy and resources, commitment and generosity of individuals and groups whether students, homemakers, corporates is a crucial component of our work. Community capacity building is vital today to gather the force of empowering change, compassion and ownership of social  responsibility.
  • We actively seek to exert citizen power in demanding good governance, transparent accountable  practices especially in the policies and programs of deprived children and women– who cannot question or negotiate the abeyance of their rights and  entitlements
  • We seek more  collaborative and sustained programs between governments, civil society and community at large so that outcomes for the most vulnerable our effective and inequity is removed
  • We reject any barriers of caste. creed colour or community   and believe that  all human beings are equal  and we  respect all religions and favour none