How We Work


We have four main focus areas which are interconnected and have a common goal—which is to enable and empower  women and children  shackled by poverty, illiteracy, ignorance  and help them to access opportunities for education and livelihood skills.

Balshikha– educational program for over 730 children

Sukanya-Special support to gender deficit afflicted girls.This includes the only center in the region where girls {and boys} can bring their siblings to school and study in peace knowing they are well looked after. Millions of girls in India cannot access school or drop out soon because they are burdened with sibling care and complete chores.

Sukanya also includes a strong health support component where we provide medicines ,hospital trips, diagnostic guidance ,nutritional help and regular health camps.

Bhagyashree and Nyayika cater to the urban deprived women .The program logically grew out of our community outreach work and counseling of mothers as the primary care givers. Empowering the mothers translates into  regular school attendance for our children .

Community Outreach is a strong and integral plank of this program because we seek to enhance supportive, healthy ,positive family and social structures around the children which will enhance the capacities of the community and families to participate in changing their lives especially putting children on the path of education and skills.

We focus on strengthening community systems by  promoting formation of and enhancing the capacities of  community groups and informal women support groups ,neighbourhood societies  involving people and children in their own health care and increasing the awareness of communities to especially women in  scripting their own paths to self reliance  and generate  confidence as well as skills to begin small start-ups or take up  small jobs,be more alert and aware of health needs and participate in all the democratic platforms available for them

We have been training over 75 women in collaboration with the State Urban Poverty Alleviation Cell under Local Government here . Now we have 3 thrift groups which are under the name Saubhagini .