An enabling program for building respect and protection of the girl-child and empowerment of  women. This has 2  sub- programs


  • from the very outset we have a strong focus on girls who are kept away from school because of sibling care and chores
  • A sibling care centre allows all girls to bring their siblings along and a flexible school time in the afternoon gives them a chance to finish their chores.
  • To create an enabling environment by augmenting nutrition, health, hygiene, education, learning and vocational skills.
  • Though we seek to protect the girl-child from inhibiting social structures which imprison her in violence, discrimination, neglect and exploitation we cannot remove immediately remove these social and familial constraints so we work around them to create space for schooling.
  • Gender sensitivity is a key aspect of the quality of education. Educational systems should be sensitive to the specific needs of girls and women. But the curriculum, teaching practice, parental and social structures often reinforce traditional roles that may deny women opportunities for full and equal participation in society


Saubhagini—women’s’ self help group

  • Women caught in the poverty trap have to be enabled to become self reliant not as recipients of charity but as active participants who find their own solutions and we provide them support in the form of skill training, capacity building and micro finance.
  • Adult literacy , group formation, team building, strong motivational and emotional counselling, problem solving, free legal guidance and advice all are different facets of this program
  • This includes help and support to young mothers, medical and health issues and supportive services like health camps, awareness of ante and pre natal care .