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Building Civic Values & Community Engagement in young minds..

As India goes to polls in a gigantic democratic exercise, easily the largest and mind boggling size in the world, low voter turn out is a serious problem and has to be tackled. Vatsal Chaya joined hands with local government efforts as official partners to build voter motivation in our region. Many Access students had a wonderful time experiencing democratic values in action, citizenship, and advocacy and motivating the community. Chandigarh administration is determined to have the highest voting percentage in the country and we are happy to contribute our efforts. The many facets of our voter motivation campaign ….from mothers with baby and pram, beribbioned bus ride, parades, poster making , person to person meetings,singing, cycling….phew!! Not to mention some curious geese too at the scenic Sukhna Lake!!

Youthful Volunteers from different parts of the world

Making the world a little brighter , a little happier…Student volunteers bring a certain brightness to everyday schoolwork..they are here to teach,each from diverse regions and cultures but sharing a common interest in giving their time and effort and affection to children not so fortunate in life.

A Green Inspiration ….. Recycle Day Nov 15,2013

English Access Chandigarh, celebrated Recycling Day in consonance with America Recycles Day , Nov 15,2013 to help raise awareness about the need to reduce waste by reusing, recycling, and buying recycled-content products.

— at Rock Garden, Chandigarh.

Morning Assembly

the weather is kinder now and the morning assembly of the first shift is pleasant .The assembly is valuable for us as prayers and national anthem is followed by oral learning some warming up and a lot of feeling part of a happy school experience

Mothers …looking for a better life for their children

The mothers outreach continues, this time at Col No 4 , an innocuous name for the 2nd largest slum of Chandigarh. Our monthly Health Camp was held at the same time as there are large numbers of children and mothers with very poor health.Malnutrition and low immunity is one of the reasons out of school children suffer impaired cognitive ability and erratic attendance and soon drop out. We provide full follow up and free medication and medical staff from a reputed hospital.

A bright evening ,a brilliant performance ,beaming kids &mothers

the mothers motivational week culminated in a beautiful finale with Malini Awasthi regaling a full house of out of school children and their mothers with her amazing voice and beautiful personality. The children were bouncing in their seats and ready to dance in the aisles! The folk songs delighted the mothers especially .

Fun with Freedom!!

Independence Day celebrations

English Access Microscholarship Program (Access)


The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) provides a foundation of English language skills to talented teens under the auspices of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs,U.S. Department of State. Vatsal Chaya is the partner institution which will implement the Program in Chandigarh for 100 ,  economically disadvantaged youth. The Access Program provides a foundation of English Language skills through afterschool and intensive programming . Since its inception in 2004, approximately 95,000 students in more than 85 countries have participated in the Access Program.


Health Camp

Health Camp May 003

The health and malnutrition initiative continues.A database of all the children we cover is being made ,deworming ,vitamins medication done as required is …nutritional support is however still on a small scale

.Any advice about dry ready to eat therapeutic foods any1

Daily Post


Full page article on Vatsal Chaya ‘ work in Daily Post. Thank you Daily Post for bringing a voice to our children