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Amma Main Bhi School Jaoongi–Mama I,too will go to School!

In the course of our surveys of low income clusters ,the large number of girls not going to school was a common problem we kept meeting .From the very beginning when we had only a  few children ,a small area was set aside for the siblings.This practice helped many girls to bring their sibling along and study.The benefit was on 3 levels– access was not blocked for the girls themselves,the siblings were exposed to positive pre school environment and the mothers stopped preventing the girls and showed interest in vocational skills–this process rippled out and today we have over a 100 girls with 1 or 2 siblings ,the sibling center runs in 2 shifts so that in both sessions no child is left unattended.The free transport by our bus remains the most appreciated support.

There should be such a facility like the Anganwadi in every government run school because the governmnet is the largest education provider for the poor and underprivileged. Yet for years we are making policies aimed at the girl child and gender bias figures in seminars,posters,meetings and campaigns–so does school access and education for all—but  there is no convergence of the two,in fact of  of other related sectors too like child labor,health and urban poverty alleviation.If this small critical support is  provided  the government itself will gain effective outcomes in so many aspects–school enrolment,retention,gender deficit in school access,early learning and care for small children, boosting nutrition ,health and health and health awareness etc